Thacholikali is a folk art performed during the 'Mandala Utsavam', forty-one day annual festival at the Lokanarkavu Bhagavathy Temple. Lokanarkavu temple is situated 5 km from Vatakara, a small town in Kerala state of south India. This dance, performed during the festival resembles the martial art Kalarippayattu.

Many of the traditional performing art forms of Kerala like, KathakaliKolkaliVelakali etc. have drawn elements from Kalarippayatt during their stages of evolution. Kathakali has borrowed much from Kalarippayattu in its basic body preparative training of the actor not only in terms of technique in practice but also from the body massage for the trainee. Many of the body postures, choreography and foot work of the Thacholikali characters are taken directly from Kalarippayattu.