Tippani is a folk dance popular among the coastal region. With their men folk away at sea, women had to lay the floor and the ceiling of their houses. To kill the monotony of this construction work, the women started to sing and beat their construction sticks in rythm to create music and dance which came to be known as Tippani. Now it is performed during festivals and weddings in many cities of Gujarat.

Tippani starts gradually, through the beating and singing of the earth done in the identical rhythm. As it speeds up, the dancers alternately strike the ground and hit the knob of the mallets collectively, and then dance in a circle. Towards the ending of the dance, all the women set in rows and smack the floor very swiftly.

Turi and Thali (brass plate) are used to create music. Zanz, Manjira, Tabla, Dhol and Shehnai are other musical instruments used for music.